Sunday, May 12, 2013

first hike of the year

I went hiking last was a beautiful day and I took lots of pictures.  We went up by little Cottonwood canyon.  I don't remember the name of the trail, it was kinda steep but there were lots of great things to take pictures of...I love the greenery that remind me that spring is here...and the water...I love the water!!!  The creek and the reservoir at the end of our hike.  We didn't have time to go to the waterfall at the top but we hope to try that another Saturday before the season is over!!

I also love the trees...

 the duckies...and the ripples in the lake...especially once we had to start skipping rocks! 
 and the reflections of the mountains and the sky in the water...I could just sit there all day and stare into the water...very relaxing and calming.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Med cruise

It has been a while...and I really have a lot to share...of course I won't be able to do my Mediterranean cruise all in one post since I took over 1200 will take me several posts I am sure!! I don't know if I should do a quick overview of all that we did in this first post and then in coming posts I can add pictures to show what we did or if I should just go ahead and do each day as it comes along...hmmm...what to do...I guess I will do an overview...
So Wednesday January 4th 2012 we woke up very early and Tom was nice enough to take me and Alaina to to the airport. Our flight was at 8:30 so like the crazy fliers we are...we were at the airport around 6. I am not a morning do not like airports...and when you have to hurry up and wait I go a little bit crazy!! We flew to Atlanta and then on to Rome, Italy. It was so weird to be in all of these different countries with so much history...our little old Utah that I love is only 164 years old...some of the buildings we saw are hundreds of years old...and some of the ruins we saw were from the time of unreal to think of!! When we got to Rome we were taken to our hotel that we would be staying at for 2 nights and told that we had the rest of the day until we had a dinner at 6. Alaina needed a nap...I didn't want to waste the whole day, so after I let Alaina take a little nap we went down to the Vatican. We got lost going and coming, the lady at the hotel said that it was easy to get to, it may have been if you got on the right bus in the first place...and I am directionally challenged unless I have my mountains...we were only 2 hours late to dinner but it sounds like the 6 dinner didn't even really start til 7 so we were only about an hour late. The next day we had a tour of Rome. Saturday morning we drove to the port Civitavecchia (yep, we started our cruise at the same spot, AND we were on a Costa ship). Pretty crazy...I am just glad that we were on the Costa Serena and not the Costa Concordia!! I can't even imagine how awful that is for the people that were on that cruise! Our first stop was Savona and we actually drove to Monaco. 1/9 was a sea day and on our 4 sea days we got amazing lectures from Bruce Porter. He said that he wanted to do kind of a mini education week and it was a great part of the trip. 1/10 we went to Olympia, Greece. 1/11 was a sea day. 1/12 was our first day in Israel and we docked at Ashdod. 1/13 was our second day in Israel and we went to the port of Haifa and then off to the sea of Galilee and Capernaum. 1/14 another sea day. 1/15 we docked at Izmir and we went to Ephesus. 1/16 we docked at Piraeus and we got to go to Athens. 1/17 was our last sea day and then on 1/18 we were back at Civitevecchia. I don't know if we passed the Concordia or if it was north of where we were at, but if we did pass it I was blissfully asleep at that time and didn't see it, thank goodness, I don't think I would like to have seen it, that would have been pretty creepy floating passed it on another cruise ship!! When we walked onto the dock in Civitavecchia we all breathed a sigh of relief that we had made it back without any incidents...we drove back to Rome and had another day of sightseeing in Rome and back to the hotel for one more night of sleep before we got up around 6 to go back to the airport to come home. It was an amazing trip and I am so glad to be able to say that I did it...but on the 19th I was so ready to come home!!! I had a cold around Christmas time and I thought I was better but on the trip it came back and I was not a happy camper for several of the days. Many in our group also got sick and it was sad to be sick for the trip. On Friday and Saturday when we got back I had a little case of the flu, I am just glad that that waited til I got home, that would have beeen even worse to deal with on the trip!! I can't believe how long this post is...and it doesn't even have any pictures!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

CA trip Pirates ride

Cathy is a funny girl...after we got off the Pirates ride Cathy had to pick up a sword in the store and do a little playacting...I got to be the photographer...they wanted me to play but I have to draw the line somewhere...

CA trip-Christopher dancing

CA trip-Kimberley dancing

So the main reason I wanted to go to CA was cuz of the kiddies dancing in Disneyland...the top picture is actually the 2nd day at Disneyland and the rest of the pictures were on the first day at CA adventure. Isn't she so darn cute??!! I feel bad that a couple of the pictures are kinda fuzzy... but I am not a I guess I didn't do too bad.

I guess I should have cropped the balding head out of this one...

CA trip-Dodger game

Saturday night we went to a Dodger they won!!! I love baseball...and I think that maybe I should make a goal of going to all of the major league baseball stadiums. I have been to 4 so far!!
we were up at the top...of course the cheap seats...but they were right behind home plate...and it was a great view!
I actually got an action shot...the blur in the middle is the baseball going to home plate.
so you can see how big the stadium is...
and this is the four of, Cathy, Sandy and Brenda.

CA trip-flowers

We took a tour of Cathy's yard...and here are a few of my favorite pictures...she has a really gorgeous yard!!
I can't believe that I actually got the bee in this one!!
I love this rose, they were really pretty!!!